Changes to Safeguarding

17th September 2010

New Safeguarding Information 

Child Protection or Safeguarding? There have been a few changes to the Child Protection Policy recently. 

A new yellow card has been produced and this incorporates neglect into the policy statement. You should have this version by now as it was issued with the September issue of Scouting magazine.

From now on there will be a requirement for every leader/commissioner to have completed approved safeguarding (the new name for child protection) training at the time of their appointment review and there are three ways to do this.

One way is to attend the training session offered in your district or if that date does not suit you can attend the session offered in any other district in Clyde Region. The alternative is for you to complete the Keeping Children Safe package which is now on-line and consists of 3 modules (you need to complete all 3).

For details of the training being offered around the Region, please visit the Regional Diary

Training offered by other youth organisations, churches etc could also be considered suitable. If you fall into this category please let your DC or Training Advisor know so that we can match up the objectives and the content.

The cut off point to have completed the training for those who have an appointment review due during 2010, should be December 2010, however leaders who have booked in to sessions running between January and June 2011 will have their appointments confirmed, unless of course they don't turn up on the day!

Adults applying for Activity Permits will also need to do some sort of safeguarding training as well. This should be agreed with the appropriate Commissioner.

The safety of children and young people in our care is very important so please make every effort to attend one of the sessions before your appointment review. In fact even if your appointment is not due for renew you can still come along.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at 


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