Recruits at Kelvindale Explorers Communicating Differently

7th February 2012

7 Explorer Scouts from the 44th Glasgow were recently invested underwater at a local swimming pool when they tried scuba diving for the first time.

To prepare for this investiture with a difference, members of the unit first of all had to learn British sign language (BSL) as they would be unable to speak whilst underwater when they took the scout promise.

Members of the unit spent 2 evenings being tutored in BSL to give them the skills to take their promise using sign language, which opened their minds, to how important it is to be able to communicate without speaking.

Explorer scout, Kirstie, aged 14 years said, 'learning BSL has helped me to appreciate the challenges that people who are deaf have in trying to communicate with people that they meet.'

Another member of the unit, Garry, aged 14, explained that 'scuba diving was a fantastic experience, especially playing underwater frizzbee and it was nice to take my scout promise somewhere different from what I had done in beavers and cubs. He continued, 'I am really looking forward to the new activities I'm going to experience as an explorer scout.'

The Group would also like to thank the Allander Youth Activities Trust for supporting us in this very worthwhile project.



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