Apply for a training course

Thank you for applying to complete part of your training.

Please use a separate form for each applicant. Each course has a minimum number of participants to make it viable for the course to proceed.

If the minimum number has not been reached by the closing date then the course/module will be cancelled or postponed and applicants will either have their fee refunded or be transferred onto the next course depending on what they would like to do.

Confirmation of acceptance and a receipt will be returned to the applicant within one week. Joining instructions will be issued at least seven days before the start of the course.

In order to allow arrangements to be put in place for the course, please apply as early as possible and by the closing date. Late applications may not be accepted and may also cause the course to be cancelled because the minimum number of applicants has not been reached by the closing date.

Please note that joining instructions will be sent out by email where you give an email address.

What information are we asking for, why and how will we use it?

  • This forms asks for your contact information to allow us to register you for the course and send information in relation to the course to you.
  • We ask for an emergency contact in case you do not arrive and we cannot reach you or something happens to you during the course.
  • The details of your Scouting role should match the data held in Compass.
  • Information about dietary requirements is requested to allow us to ensure that we are able to support and cater for everyone's needs on the day/weekend.
  • This information will be processed by a member of staff in our Regional Office and shared with the volunteer leading the training.
  • It will be deleted when the training course has been completed and your record has been updated in Compass.

If you have any queries or concerns in relation to this, please contact Gary in the Regional Office.

Please complete the form below then click on the link to make your payment:


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