Regional Youth Lead - Volunteer Vacancy

18th January 2024

Regional Youth Lead - Volunteer Vacancy

We are looking for a young person aged 18 to 24 to join us as a Regional Youth Lead.

This is a new and exciting role where you’ll be able to shape decisions, represent young people’s views and support leaders across Clyde Region to make sure that young people can shape decisions about the kind of things that they want to do in Scouting.

The role will include:

  • Having creative ideas to make scouting in Clyde Youth Shaped.
  • Working with Scotland Youth Lead to create a team to work on new Youth Shaped strategies and be a driving force for young people's voices
  • Being on the Regional Trustee Board to influence decision making and champion our young people. 
  • Leading conversations and discussing important topics. 
  • Building positive relationships with young people and adult volunteers to support them
  • Working with Regional leadership teams to encourage more youth shaped events and conversations 
  • Encouraging and supporting young people in the Region to get involved 
  • Creating good lines of communication with our Districts. 
  •  1 to 3 year term

If you are thinking about applying, go for it! We are looking for young people who are enthusiastic and passionate about championing young people’s voices and promoting youth shaped scouting.

It's a really exciting time to become part of the Region and we are keen to support you to make sure our young people are at the centre of everything we do. Does this sound good to you? 

We will be accepting applications for the next two weeks and then we will be reviewing and launching our interview/selection process. 

**Applications now closed**


Phone: 0141 248 6022

Address: 21 Elmbank Street, Glasgow, G2 4PB