Thinking about planning a trip abroad? Need some guidance on how to go about planning your first international trip? We have an International adviser, Joe Lally, who can support you from the get-go.

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Latest Opportunities & Updates

Using Minibuses and Trailers Abroad: The International Scout Support Unit (ISSU) has issued guidance to Regional Advisors on the use of minibuses & trailers in the EU post-Brexit. It is now not possible for the majority of Scout Troops to use Scout-owned or Leader-driven minibuses for trips to mainland Europe and the Republic of Ireland (The European Union). The restrictions do not affect 9-seaters or less (driver + 8 passengers) buses since they are not classified as 'minibus'.  If you plan to use a minibus and/or trailer as part of a Scout Visit Abroad in the EU please contact our International Adviser.


Transport of Kit by vehicle in the EU

Following on from the work done by ISSU on minibuses they have been looking at vehicles carrying only kit to the EU (vans, lorries and cars with trailers).

The legislation states:
You will … need a [Goods Vehicle Operating] licence if you carry goods for hire or reward on international journeys when using a vehicle (or a vehicle combination) with a maximum laden weight of more than 2.5 tonnes.
As per the minibuses, it is the "For Hire" bit that is really relevant here and unfortunately, there is no black-and-white legal definition of it (and as such when it has come to court a VERY broad view has been taken); the accepted definition boils down to "has any money (or promise of services) changed hands at any point that has caused this journey to happen?" and as a private membership organisation the answer is invariably "yes" (if capitation hadn't been paid then there would be no trip). Additionally in our situation, if the participants hadn't paid to go on the trip then the trip wouldn't be happening and the journey would not be required so money has changed hands for the journey to happen.

In short, this means that for a trip using a van, the MAM of the Van must be 2,500kg or less (some Ford Transit Connects are exactly 2,500kg for example) and larger vehicles or lorries would require an International Goods Vehicle Operating Licence. If they are using a trailer then the Gross Train Weight of the vehicle and trailer cannot be over 2,500kg. This may mean that some trips need to look at changing vehicles, pallets and couriers.
NB: Even if you are within the 2,500kg or less you will still need to consider ATA Carnets (as looked at by Karl Levene). It may also be worth mentioning the limit for journeys solely in the UK for a goods vehicle is (broadly) 3,500kg and this may impact some no international plans.

A succinct source on the international elements:
Broader context including the UK impacts:


35th Sri Lanka National Rover Scout Moot 2023: Network and IST opportunity. Read the brochure for more details and contact the International Adviser if you have any questions.



Barcelona Scout Group: A Spanish group will be visiting the Glasgow area from the 2nd – 6th of August 2023 and are looking to meet up with local Explorer Scouts (they are 13 young people between 16 and 18 years old). A meet-up is a great opportunity for your Explorers to meet some of the criteria for the International Activity Badge or the Scottish Thistle Award. Contact our International Adviser to find out more and to arrange a meet-up for your group.


WoidLa24 Lower Austrian Jamboree 2024: The “WoidLa24” will be held in Waldreichs, near Zwettl, 5th – 15th August 2024, hosted by the Lower Austrian Boy Scouts & Girl Guides. Read the brochure and contact our International Adviser for more information.



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